Metta is a tiny word with a vast meaning. Translated from Pali it can mean friendship, love, kindness, benevolence, sympathy. All of these emotions are part of the type of love that metta stands for – it is love with no strings attached, without expectations and possession. Achieving metta, the unconditional love toward one's self and others, allows us to discover that the feeling of absolute harmony and happiness is within everyone's reach.

Mettasense brings together people of varying ages, occupations and interests, driven by the same desire – to improve the quality of their lives, to add to their daily routine as much spice as they need to feel vitality and contentment.

As soon as you cross the threshold of Mettasense, you’ll enter a tastefully designed space where light wood and the color white set the tone. Our choice of colors and materials, together with the generous daylight, create a sense of purity, spaciousness, and freedom. The natural materials and fabrics and soft colors soothe the senses and create an environment of warmth and comfort.

Mettasense offers yoga classes in a variety of styles and levels, therapeutic procedures, a welcoming team of yoga teachers and staff, comfortable changing rooms with showers and lockers, a cozy relaxation area and a magical Japanese healing garden.

Mettasense improves your life by helping you stay healthy, acquire better self-knowledge and understanding of the world, inner peace, vitality and spiritual growth.

Mettasense restores your smile, your adventurous spirit and love.