Attend a yoga class, meet friends, relax with a massage, enjoy a cup of tea and sample our healthy foods, take a walk in the Japanese healing garden, browse the collection of yoga clothes and accessories or simply enjoy the relaxing environment.

Mettasense is not just a place for yoga. Mettasense is an experience. Mettasense is a place filled with positive energy, tranquility and warmth. Mettasense is a home-away-from-home for the contemporary person, a source of inspiration for the mind, body and soul.

Mettasense is located on Bulgaria Blvd. and is easily accessible, located just minutes away from the city center in an up-and-coming neighborhood with good infrastructure and modern offices and apartment buildings. The neighborhood is emerging as a preferred business and residential location because it is close to the city center but away from urban noise and pollution, close to Vitosha mountain and clean air.

At Mettasense you will find:
  • Two yoga studios – Earth and Fire

  • Wellness room for massages, and other therapeutic procedures

  • Shower and change room facilities with individual lockers
A pleasant environment with relaxing music and soft lighting to set the mood for your yoga class or prolong your pleasure and comfort after your workout or massage.

  • Mat and towel service

  • Green food salon and chill-out lounge

  • Eco Boutique
clothing, mats&yoga props, books, CDs&DVDs and much more.

  • Meditation healing garden
French windows frame the view to the healing garden. Practicing yoga so close to the garden means one can observe the changing seasons, which is a reminder that everything is ephemeral and the only thing that we can really know and control is the present moment. This attitude helps us stay in the present moment, to forget everything that has happened or awaits us, to give our full attention to our selves, our thoughts and feelings. This is an important step toward self-knowledge and helps us stay more connected with our inner selves and those around us.