Gentle revival of the senses in the morning… Tone at noon… Night stress relaxation…

Mettasense offers a variety of  holistic therapies with products from highest quality. Choose your treatments to reduce the harmful effects of stress, to relax and experience a deep feeling of tension and anxiety or tone and flow into a new burst of energy. You will be greeted with a smile by our team of therapists who will take good care of you. Once you've revitalize your body and relieve the stress, you can enjoy a cup of fragrant healing tea in our relax area. Do not miss the moment to refresh yourself in a calm, peaceful and quiet atmosphere …




Anti - cellulite massage (30 min.) – 35lv.




Wellness Therapies

Aromatherapy essential oils with PRANAROM                                                                                                                  Essential oils are defined as "hormones" of plants. They have positive impacts on health, mood and spirit. Using extensive and harmonic motion the therapeutist achieves natural landing, combined with increased feelings of one's own body. Sensual and anti-stress therapy for both body and mind too!

Price: 60 min. - 55 BGN; 90 min. - 75 BGN

Classic massage                                                                                                                                                                     Variety of massage techniques selected to affect every part of the body. After massaging, the muscles relax and overcome stress. The desired harmony of restored balance between muscle groups is achieved. Depending on the strength of the pressure effect may be different - toning up the body, strengthens the immune system, improves blood circulation, the nervous system is balanced.

Price: 60 min. - 45 BGN; 90 min. - 65 BGN

• Partial massage - 20 min. - 15 BGN
• Reflecsotherapy - 30 min. - 25 BGN 
• Prenatal massage - 60 min. - 50 BGN 

Thai massage                                                                                                                                                                        Combination of harmonious experience of stretching, massage movements and yoga movements.  It's done on a mat and you follow the classic and beautiful movements guided by your therapist. Caring touch helps the healing effect and complete relaxation.

Price: 60 min. - 55 BGN; 90 min. - 75 BGN

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