Take some time to become familiar with the different yoga classes and levels we offer. Choose the class that is best for you and reserve your spot in person, over the phone or using our website www.mettasense.com

Be on time. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the beginning of your class, so that you can register at the front desk, change into your workout clothes and take your place in the studio.

Practice yoga barefoot. Please leave your shoes in your locker in the changing room. Clients are entitled to using a personal locker free of charge for the duration of their visit. You can pick up a key at the front desk.

Turn off the sound of your cell phones as soon as you enter the yoga studio. This is your time to be alone with yourself, so make a habit of avoiding distractions such as your cell phone.

Yoga mats as well as all other accessories needed for your class are available for use free of charge. However, we recommend that you bring your own mat, which you can purchase at our yoga boutique.

Do not miss the relaxation and meditation at the end of the class. It is an important element of your yoga practice. If you need to leave earlier, please do so before the end-of-class relaxation (savasana) begins.

Do not practice on an empty stomach or soon after eating. You may drink some tea or have a fruit or yoghurt shortly before class. Avoid hard-to-digest foods and eat only as much as you need to sate your hunger. Try to avoid heavy foods for at least two to three hours before class.

Practice moderation in everything.

If you’re stressed out or tense, you will have to take some time for “mental workout.” Chase away all negative thoughts. Let your worries flow out through your body. Do not hold on to them. After a few minutes and several deep breaths, you will sense a calm coming over you.

There are times when you should not practice yoga or should modify the type of workout (for example, if you are pregnant, menstruating, recovering from illness or physical traumas). If you are not sure what you should or shouldn’t do, do not hesitate to ask your teacher.